Status Update #7

All the hard work is now taking real shape.  We can see it in the growing rows of boxes and cabinets that house folders with discernible and accurate subject headings, and in the completed finding aids that are showing up in the OAC.  The CHS business collection is also online:

The CHS biography collection will be available next week and GLBTHS’ biography collection within a few weeks.  GLBTHS’ business and groups collections will follow shortly thereafter.  Teddy has been heroically finishing up multiple collections at once.  She will be moving on to SFPL sometime later in the summer to join forces with David.

David is making huge dents in the gargantuan SFPL San Francisco collection and enjoying his window.

Along with Devan, Bill is now working one day a week on SCP’s biography collection.  At CHS he is sorting mixed unprocessed material.  Tanya and I can see the light at the end of the SCP general collection reprocessing tunnel.

All of our edits to the CEP website were submitted to Glenn and his designer is now working on the finishing touches.

Now for my favorite piece of ephemera of the moment:

Santa's Village brochure from the California Ephemera Collection, California Historical Society

A brochure from Santa’s Village, the theme park, my childhood mecca.  The hub of my kiddie bliss was the Santa’s Village in Santa Cruz (the Santa’s Village Road highway sign on HWY 17 is still in use), though the brochure is from the park in Sky Forest in San Bernardino County.  Who knew there was more than one Santa’s Village?!  (Santa can’t possibly be in more than one place at one time!!!)  In fact, there are three.  One in Dundee, Illinois.  The park layout is the same, with Pixie Pantry and Easter Bunny House (Mmm, never wondered why the EB was in the mix) being right where they should be.  I had to see if there were any Internet sites devoted to Santa’s Village and, of course, there is a commemorative one which informed me that Santa’s Village, which opened in 1959, was the first franchised theme park in the world.  The California Ephemera Project:  Where you can hold a 1920 National Democratic Convention ticket in your hand one minute and, in the next, be transported to a half snowball orbiting the Christmas Tree Ride.


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